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Learn More About Our Container Rental Services

These are some common questions and answers to help you when you're ordering your container. Contact us for any questions you have about our services.

Read Through the FAQs

Q. Can I get a container the same day I call?
A. Yes, if your order is placed in the morning, we will usually be able to deliver your container the same day. Orders placed later in the day will be delivered the following morning.
We appreciate 24-hour notice when ordering a dumpster if possible. We'll always work to accommodate you and your needs.

Q. How long can I rent the container for?
A. You can rent our containers for as long as you need. We offer daily rental fees.

Q. When can you deliver a container?
A. We deliver containers Monday-Friday.

Q. What materials are not allowed to put in the container?
A. These materials are not allowed in our containers: asbestos, oil, paint, chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc. If you have paint cans where the paint is dry, then it is not considered hazardous.
An additional charge will be applied for any mattresses and tires put inside a container.

Q. Do I need a permit for my container?
A. If you plan to place the container in the street, almost all jurisdictions require a permit. Contact your local planning department for inquiries and permit application.
If you choose to have the container placed on your property, usually you will not need a permit, but always call your town first and ask them if you need a permit or not.
It is your responsibility to provide plywood that will be placed under the container to avoid any potential damage. When choosing placement of a container, convenience is secondary to safety. Our drivers will not place a container where it may potentially harm a person or property.

Q. How high can I fill the container?
A. Feel free to get the most out of your container by filling it level to the top, but do not overload the container.

Q. What can I put in a container for clean concrete?
 A. Concrete only. Don't fill the container with bricks, asphalt, ceramics, dirt, garbage or rebar.
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DISCLAIMER: Customers are responsible for protecting their driveway for our container delivery. Diamond K Inc. is not responsible for any damage to the driveway. Customers are responsible to have container site cleared on any debris in front of container
Our driver will not pick up a container that is overfilled, please do not fill a container over the top.
Customer may be responsible for the entire replacement cost of a container if it is ruined.  
If the customer damages the container while on their job site, they are responsible for the cost of all repairs. During the winter, the site leading to and in front of the container needs to be cleared of all snow, down to the pavement or gravel. If not plowed we may not pick it up. If we get stuck while getting a container, customer is responsible for any and all towing charges to get the truck out.
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